About Starseed Online

Virtual Professional

Start Delegating and stop Hesitating.

Virtual Professional

Get the help you need. Your business and sanity will thank you for it!

Burnout in Business is not a sign of Success!

Starseed Online Service is here to assist you while you build the Business of your Dreams!

Find remote support tailored to elevate your online presence and streamline operations for your online business.

To foster a nurturing environment where women-led businesses are equipped with the right support, tools, and community necessary for their businesses to flourish.
To cultivate a community where women in business are empowered to grow through unwavering support, collaboration, and inspire others to pursue their highest potential.

Our Story

Starseed Online Service started off as a one-woman entity, where I wanted to serve those like myself who are a beacon of light in this world. As I sailed through my journey, it was no surprise that my purpose led me to meet more like-minded women who share the same mission. And so I decided to provide a space where we can come together as a community, work towards achieving our personal goals, and also work in our zone of genius.

Starseed Online Service IS NOT a Virtual Assistant Agency, but rather a community of skilled professionals coming together to support other women in their online business. We want to help you to build the business of your dreams and be the support that you need. As the famous American Playwright and Poet, Ntozake Shange, once said:

"Where there is a Woman there is Magic."

Why Collaborate with Starseed Online?

Here are a few things to consider...

Customized Solutions

Starseed Online Service takes a personalized approach to each client engagement. We work closely with you to understand your objectives, challenges, and preferences. By offering customized solutions, we are able to provide you with targeted support that aligns with your vision and goals.

Empowerment & Inclusivity

We are committed to empowering women in business and promoting inclusivity and diversity. By choosing to do business with us, you support a mission-driven community that fosters opportunities for women professionals, and celebrate the unique contributions of individuals from diverse backgrounds while building each other dreams of success.

Collaborative Community

You become part of a supportive community when you decide to work with one or collaborate with all. We foster an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. There's so much you can benefit from such as collective wisdom, diverse perspectives, and shared resources.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a comprehensive set of services to address almost any need related to your business. Whether it's creating eye-catching graphics, managing social media, designing a website, executing digital marketing strategies, providing top-notch customer service, handling administrative tasks, or Spanish translation, we have the ability to deliver.